Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Will?
A1. It is a document that ensures your wishes are carried out in respect of your assets after you die. It allows you to provide for your loved ones.
Q2. Why would I make a will?
A2. It helps avoid unnecessary arguments on who gets what and how much. It allows you to appoint an executor of your choice.
Q3. Who can make a will?
A3. Anyone who is 21 years old and above and is of sound mind.
Q4. When does a will operate?
A4. It operates upon death.
Q5. Who can be an executor?
A5. Anyone who is 21 years old and above, of stable mind and not a bankrupt.
Q6. Can an Executor also be a beneficiary?
A6. Yes, an Executor can also be a beneficiary.
Q7. Who can witness the Will?
A7. Anyone who is not a beneficiary in the will and is 21 years old and above. The spouse of a beneficiary cannot also be a witness to the will.
Q8. Can a foreigner make a will in Singapore?
A8. Yes, a foreigner can make a will in Singapore. However, the will of the foreigner is governed by the law of his domicile. If the will is simply to deal with his land in Singapore, he may make a will in Singapore and the will would be governed by Singapore law.
Q9. Can I include my property which I hold jointly with another person in my will?
A9. Properties which are hold jointly with another person should not be included in the will. This is because upon the demise of one of the joint owners, the property becomes solely owned by the surviving joint owner.
Q10. Can I state in my will how I wish my CPF monies to be distributed?
A10. CPF monies cannot be divested in your will. If you intend for your CPF monies to be given to certain individuals, you need to make a nomination by using the standard nomination form, which you can download from the CPF website. If you fail to make a nomination in respect of your CPF monies, your CPF monies will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act of Singapore. If the deceased is a Muslim, his/her CPF monies will be distributed in accordance with the inheritance certificate obtained from the Syariah Court.